ePremium RentersPLUS

Renters insurance bundled with a security deposit alternative increases your closing ratios

ePremium RentersPLUS program combines both renters insurance and a security deposit alternative into a single bundled product designed to address any and all property damage and loss that can occur during a resident’s lease term.

Enhanced Renters Insurance

Protects the unit from resident-caused property damage while protecting your resident’s belongings.

Common damage covered by the ePremium enhanced HO4 policies:

  • Pet Damage
  • Carpet Iron Burns
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Common Unit Water Damage

Security Deposit Alternative

Protects the unit from damage typically retained from a traditional refundable security deposit.

Common damage covered by the ePremium security deposit alternative:

  • Provides coverage equal to the amount that would be required for the resident’s traditional security deposit but at a fraction of the cost, therefore reducing your resident’s overall move-in cost.
  • Gains you a competitive advantage with a "NO DEPOSIT" marketing strategy.

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