About ePremium Insurance Agency

ePremium is a dedicated licensed insurance agency, focusing on tailor-made renters insurance solutions for both multifamily and single-family rental properties. Our mission revolves around sourcing insurance products and offering specialized programs that effectively tackle the array of challenges encountered by renters, property managers, landlords, and property owners alike. Every facet of our business, from inception to ongoing operation, has been intricately shaped by client-driven insights and a commitment to innovative excellence.

The ePremium Difference:

    Operating across all 50 states, ePremium Insurance Agency boasts an extensive network of dedicated account professionals. Our committed in-house team comprises skilled Customer Support Representatives and Account Managers, all licensed and precisely trained. Their primary goal is to deliver unparalleled assistance to both your valued residents and on-site leasing teams. The ePremium Difference:  


    • Program Addresses Common Profit Leaks 
    • Enhanced Coverage and Policy Options 
    • Partnership and Program Support 


    At the core of our service lies our cutting-edge software platform, exclusively developed by ePremium. This robust platform equips you with the essential tools to effortlessly oversee your renters’ insurance and deposit alternative program. The beauty of this technology is its ability to streamline processes without adding extra burden to your busy leasing team. Spearheaded by our accomplished in-house IT Specialists, this technology continuously evolves, focusing on enhancing automated policy enrollment, enforcing compliance, and seamlessly integrating claims filing processes. Our IT Specialists collaborate closely with our Account Management team, working in tandem to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

    Licensed and Trusted


    ePremium Insurance Headquarters

    Corporate Office

    Office: 800-319-1390
    Fax: 513-204-1920

    4770 Duke Drive, Suite 200
    Mason, OH 45040

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