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As part of our dedication to the residential industry, we serve exclusively rental properties and their renters. Our enhanced insurance programs provide long-term rental properties with best-in-class insurance programs and deposit alternatives, so the industry has a partner they know they can trust.


Multifamily Communities

We got our start in the multifamily industry, which fueled our passion to serve rental properties of all types. Through a partnership with ePremium, you gain access to a team of seasoned multifamily professionals committed to broadening product offerings for the rental industry.

Single-Family Properties

As the single-family rental industry grows, we’ve built insurance offerings that specifically help investors protect their properties and residents. We’re proud to consistently expand the way we serve rental communities and we are committed to the single-family industry.

Single Family
Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

With our deep-rooted experience in the long-term rental industry, ePremium partners with affordable housing communities to help the unique challenges the industry faces. Covering both renters and special liability programs, our affordable housing solutions were strategically designed for these communities.

Student Housing

As off-campus housing continues to grow, we’ve seen an increase in burglary and theft due to large quantities of students and high-value electronics together. Our renters insurance coverage can help students protect their belongings and give peace-of-mind to their parents.

Student Housing


Residents are served with an insurance company that cares about protecting both their personal contents and helping lowering move-in costs.

*If you are a resident looking for renters insurance click here.

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