ePremium Captive

Captive Insurance Program

A cell solution for PMCs

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Designed for large property management companies who desire to remove the 3rd party carrier from insurance programs and capture ancillary income from the premiums. Captive insurance programs allow the parent company to cover risks that would otherwise not be insurable (including personal liability and contents) along with tax saving opportunities. 

Captive Implementation Timeline

Step 1: Prepare

Client makes the decision to proceed and engages company for cell implementation

Step 2: Analyze

Develop a business plan and gather information for the application; Obtain Actuarial opinion (if required)

Client review/acceptance of cell agreements

Step 3: Submit

Submit full application to regulator

Step 4: Respond

Respond to regulator questions

Submit final documentation

Receive Insurance License* & Organizational Certificates from regulator

Step 5: Fund

Open Cell Bank account

Capitalize Cell

Start Underwriting in Cell*

*Policy may be back-dated with inception date prior to the license date with regulatory approval

Risk vs. Reward

With a captive solution, property management companies are responsible for large upfront set-up costs along with required yearly fees to maintain their insurance carrier standing, and premiums must be set to avoid underwriting losses. When considering a captive insurance solution, it is vital to weigh the risks vs rewards. Some of the pros and cons of utilizing this type of program include:

Lower comparative operating costs

Property managers receive access to our multifamily-specific knowledge, account management, and resident support

Access to our IRIS policy monitoring and policy compliance software

Allows for greater flexibility and control over the property managements risk management strategies and costs

Reduce the cost of insurance for high-risk concerns and insure risks that are not regularly covered

Ability to add-on additional programs for residents onto our captive program

Residents could still choose a 3rd party insurance provider for contents coverage

Heavy lift with ongoing reporting, fees, and program maintenance

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