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Security Deposit Alternative

Security deposit alternative making renting more affordable

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Our deposit replacement program lowers move-in costs for residents, increases the pool of qualified residents, and reduces bad debt all with tailored and customized coverage for your properties. By utilizing our deposit alternative program you can improve the resident experience and protection at your communities.

Deposit Select Benefits

When prospects are offered the choice of Deposit Select, more than 80% choose Deposit Select vs. a traditional cash deposit, increasing resident satisfaction and lowering move-in costs. Continue reading to discover more benefits of our deposit alternative product:

Deposit Select runs throughout the term of tenancy

Tailored coverage customizable for each property and/or approval type

Covers the community for up to 2 months of gross rental income, utilities, monthly recurring charges, and physical damage

Provides coverage to offset legal fees in the event of an eviction

All residents in our partner communities are pre-approved to use this program as a deposit option

Deposit Select Features

Ancillary Revenue

Drive Ancillary Revenue

Increase Your NOI

Increase Your NOI

Decrease Bad Debt

Decrease Bad Debt

Drive Leasing Velocity

Drive Leasing Velocity

Expand Prospect Pool

Expand Prospect Pool

Improve Leasing Process

Improve Leasing Process

How does it work?

Step 1:


If they opt in, resident is billed a small monthly deposit waiver fee instead of a large upfront security deposit. If they are approved by your guidelines they are approved by us.

Step 2:


Adds the monthly recurring charge to the ledger via charge code for a seamless leasing experience. Use this opportunity to increase ancillary revenue, too.

Step 3:

Deposit Select

Pulls information via API integration in IRIS for binding and invoicing. Say goodbye to the security deposit administration!

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