Education, Modification, and Implementation: 7 Tips for Your Fair Housing Practices

by | Apr 23, 2024

April marks Fair Housing Month, which, as the Fair Housing Center for Rights and Research reports, is recognized to reaffirm national commitments to ending housing discrimination and commemorate the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act in 1968.  

What Does the Fair Housing Act Detail?  

As noted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of race, color national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), disability, and familial status. In partnering with various Property Management Companies (PMCs) in providing resident liability insurance to your rental communities, including those in the affordable housing sector, we must stress the crucial role you have for your residents. 

How Can You Help? 

Given the various economic, social, and political challenges, the question now stands as to how you can ensure fair housing practices are upheld within the properties you oversee? Listed below are 7 ways in which PMCs can contribute to helping communities across the U.S. thrive:  

  1. Researching, Educating, and Training: Property managers should be well-versed in fair housing laws and regulations. They can provide ongoing training to staff members to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and rights under fair housing laws. 
  2. Implementing Policies: Property managers can establish clear policies and procedures that comply with fair housing laws, including processes for screening tenants, handling complaints, and addressing accommodation requests. 
  3. Practicing Non-Discrimination: Property managers must ensure that all prospective tenants are treated equally regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability, or any other protected characteristic. They should not engage in discriminatory practices during tenant selection, lease enforcement, or any other aspect of property management. 
  4. Accommodating and Modifying: Property managers should be prepared to accommodate tenants with disabilities by making reasonable accommodations and modifications to policies, practices, and procedures. This might include installing wheelchair ramps, allowing service animals, or adjusting lease terms. 
  5. Handling Complaints: Property managers should have a system in place for addressing complaints related to fair housing issues. They should take all complaints seriously, investigate them promptly and thoroughly, and take appropriate action to resolve any violations. 
  6. Documenting and Record-Keeping: Property managers should maintain accurate records of all interactions with tenants, including applications, leases, correspondence, and complaints related to fair housing. This documentation can help demonstrate compliance with fair housing laws in the event of an audit or legal challenge. 
  7. Community Engagement: Property managers can engage with community organizations, fair housing agencies, and advocacy groups to promote fair housing principles and foster inclusive communities. This could include participating in outreach events, providing educational resources to tenants, or collaborating on initiatives to address housing discrimination. 

Why Act Now? 

By prioritizing fair housing practices and actively working to prevent discrimination, PMCs can help create a more inclusive environment for their communities. For more information on the Fair Housing Act and renters discrimination laws, please visit

If you are interested in how ePremium® Insurance Agency can benefit your diverse apartment communities or single-family rentals, schedule a call so that our team can empower you to cover more while welcoming all residents. 




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