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Resident-caused damage can result in significant profit leak and ultimately impact operating results throughout an entire portfolio. The more frequently occurring damage often falls well below the property policy deductible and is typically just repaired and absorbed. Recapturing these losses by deflecting resident-caused damage away from the property asset through a mandated renters insurance program provides significant financial protection for apartment owners and operators.

ePremium has a singular focus on best-of-breed renters insurance and security deposit alternative solutions customized to fit the varying needs of our multifamily housing partners. We have three different insurance program management options that can be tailored for your properties.

ePremium RENTERS

Enhanced Renters Insurance

Enhanced liability coverage for your units in addition to superior personal contents coverage for your residents.

ePremium Deposit Select

Security Deposit Alternative

Resident is billed a small monthly deposit waiver fee instead of the large upfront security deposit.

ePremium PROTECT

Resident Liability Coverage

Designed to maximize coverage by protecting each occupied unit from resident-caused damages and revenue loss.

The Scenario

An accidental grease fire results in $10,000 damage to the resident's unit and $5,000 in additional smoke damage to three adjacent units. The resident has no renters insurance and insufficient assets to pay for the damages.

The Result

Property owners end up paying the price for resident-caused damages.

The Impact

Significant profit leak for property owners and managers that adds up during the course of a year to dramatically impact NOI.

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