ePremium Deposit Select

Enhanced deposit replacement program for the multifamily housing industry

Lower move-in cost for residents while protecting your assets

With Deposit Select from ePremium, residents will opt in to pay a small monthly fee instead of a large upfront security deposit.

Deposit Select Badge Lower move-in costs for residents, while improving leasing velocity & expand your prospect pool
Deposit Select Badge Provides coverage to offset legal fees in the event of an eviction
Deposit Select Badge Deposit Select runs throughout the term of tenancy starting as low as $5 per month
Deposit Select Badge Tailored coverage that is customizable for each property and/or approval type.
Deposit Select Badge Opportunity to drive ancillary revenue
Deposit Select Badge Deposit Select covers the community for up to 2 months of rental income, utilities, monthly recurring charges, and physical damage

How does it work?


Resident is billed a small monthly deposit waiver fee instead of the large upfront security deposit. No need for an additional application - if they are approved by your guidelines, they are approved by us.


Adds monthly recurring charge to ledger via charge code for a seamless leasing experience.

Use this opportunity to increase ancillary revenue, too!


Pulls information via API Integration in IRIS for binding & invoicing.

Say goodbye to security deposit administration!

Key benefits for Property Managers

  • Increases the pool of qualified residents, reduces move-in costs, drives leasing velocity, and reduces bad debt!
  • When prospects are offered the choice of deposit select, more than 80% choose deposit select vs. traditional cash deposits, increasing resident satisfaction.
  • Removes the administrative burden and cost of managing security deposits, providing an equal insurance alternative.
  • Fully integrated into your PMS allowing you to offer a seamless leasing experience leading to higher adoption.
  • No cost to the property manager as the fee is passed on to the residents.
  • Customizable coverage tailored to each community.
  • Insurance claims are paid within 10 days.

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