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Integrated Renters Insurance Solution

Integrated Renters Insurance Solution (IRIS)

ePremium’s web based software system was designed to make policy monitoring and policy compliance management as easy as possible for your leasing team. We consulted with over 175 apartment communities and their leasing staff to identify their challenges and create functionality based on their feedback. Here is what we heard:

  • Monitoring our participation and policy cancellations is a disconnected process.
  • Reacting to policy status changes takes too much time and isn’t convenient.
  • We have no easy way to evaluate participation trends across a portfolio.
  • Residents not notified of policy enrollment and compliance issues.
  • All the marketing brochures and resident letters should be integrated into the system.
  • Filing claims is inconvenient.

In response to feedback received, we developed IRIS, the most efficient and easy to use policy tracking and monitoring platform on the market today.

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IRIS Software Integrations and Partnerships

Our in-house, US based, software development team has built IRIS to be flexible so that it has the ability to integrate with many different property management software and online leasing platforms to fulfill the needs of our clients. As a result the functionality of our integrations vary by partner and can allow for:

  • Streamlined account setup
  • Policy compliance tracking and monitoring
  • Access to data in one platform

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